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Colour Boost

After some time, your permanent makeup will fade, and you will require a colour boost appointment.

It is advised for you to come back before the pigment has faded completely or you would require two sessions again.

Your colour boost date is taken from the date of your first appointment with ByJools. The prices* below apply to all of our permanent makeup treatments:


Within 6 months


Within 7-12 months 


Within 13-18 months 


After 19-24 months 


25 months and over

Normal Price

Colour boost over another consultants work and not previously done By Jools - from £180

Girl with bubblegum

Colour boost procedures do not include a top-up.  Please note if your procedure has been done elsewhere & the colour has faded & your brows, eyeliner or lips need redesigning; this will be at full price as two appointments will be necessary.

On booking a non-refundable £25 deposit is required to secure your appointment. This will be taken off the total treatment price. All prices are inclusive of VAT and are subject to change without written notice.

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