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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a questions about permanent makeup? Read some of my most asked questions below.

  • Is permanent makeup safe?
    I use ultra-concentrated high-quality pigments. These are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. No treatment will be performed without a patch test.
  • How long will my the session last?
    Time will be spent discussing colour and perfecting your design and shape. There will be paperwork to complete, and before & after photos will be taken. Depending on what treatment you are having the procedure could take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours. Top up treatments would take much less time as the design is already in place.
  • Why have permanent makeup?
    Everyone wants to look their best naturally. So, think of how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows to define your eyes. Or what about enhancing the lash line giving the illusion of fuller lashes, or water colour lip tinting to contour your lips. No need to keep applying your make up.
  • Is permanent makeup expensive?
    I'm a qualified fully trained specialist. Great amounts of work, time, energy and care is taken on all treatments. You will never feel rushed. I believe I offer a high-quality bespoke service which in the long term will save you money in cosmetics and of course your precious time.
  • Who is permanent makeup not suitable for?
    Anyone who is pregnant or breast feeding, clients who are under the age of 18 years and anyone with a serious medical condition.
  • Will it hurt?
    I will apply a topical anaesthetic cream so there is minimal discomfort. You may feel scratchy or a prickly sensation.
  • How is permanent makeup done?
    Yes, the procedure involves needles, but so does getting a regular tattoo, thus there is no reason to be afraid. The process is called micropigmentation in which a special kind of tattoo pen is used to inject permanent pigment ink into your skin. The pen is equipped with a hollow, vibrating needle which penetrates the skin and releases a droplet of pigment every time it touches it. To ease the pain, local anaesthetic will be applied to numb the area which is being treated, so you will only feel minor to no discomfort, usually in the form of slight stinging. Each procedure normally lasts between 30 and 120 minutes, and like with any tattoo, the colours will be little darker/brighter at the beginning and the area swollen and red, but after a few days, depending on the procedure, everything will come into place.

Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?

Those with sparse, over plucked or light eyebrows.

Alopecia sufferers and those having chemotherapy.

People who don’t have time or ability to apply makeup.

People with sensitivities or allergic reactions to makeup.

Women who want to always look their best.

Older people whose features have faded over time.

Sporty people who work out or swim, wanting to look naturally groomed

Someone with bad eyesight.

Arthritis and painful joints in hands.

Natural process of ageing in lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Physically unable to do your own makeup.

Going on holiday and enjoy the benefits of swimming or skiing knowing that you will look great at the end of those activities.

Wanting to add a little colour to your face in a subtle, natural way and look your best every day? 

Wanting to spend less time on your beauty routine either at the beginning of the day or during the day without having to retouch or freshen-up the colour on your face.

Benefits of PMU
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