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All About the Ink

Pigments meet all of the FDA and EU regulations for safety, testing, quality control and manufacturing - Hypoallergenic and medical grade.  All bottles are encoded with lot numbers and expiration dates, are heat sealed and tamper proof.   

I will be using world famous hypoallergenic ink pigments that are of the absolute highest quality. They have been formulated through decades of research and over 50 years of experience. 


100% Safe, VEGAN and cruelty free. They have never been tested on animals and they do not contain any animal by-products. Tested and Approved by the German Chemical Technology Laboratory (CTL). Extremely vivid, rich colours which are true to tone. If you want long lasting and predictable results with utmost retention, then keep reading...

Lady with lipstick

Fit for ALL skin tones, types and textures. Highly concentrated ink pigments that have supreme colour vibrancy and incredible staying power. Same high-quality ingredients as Mac, Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Truco, Shiseido, Gucci and Chanel. 


The Inks have been made specifically for performance, the colour fades very slowly and will stand the test of time, with 80-90% colour retention from the very first treatment! Each colour ingredient has been chosen for its most strongest light fastness, meaning they are very resistant to light (which is a huge culprit for fading tattoos/permanent makeup.)


The inks have been made so that the colours all fade at exactly the same rate. This means that when they eventually fade, they stay true to the original colour and they won’t leave behind a residual of another colour. 


For example, the colour brown is made up of red, yellow, black. If the black starts to fade first, you’ll be left with the red and yellow. Red and yellow make the colour orange, which means you would have a residual colour of orange left behind on your skin. 


These ink pigments that I will be using are made to be extremely stable across formation so that they don’t shift into other colours. All of this means you’ll keep your warm tones, vivid colour and vibrancy!

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