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Eye Liner


Lash Enhancement 


Top lash thin line

Lash Enhancement 


Bottom lash thin line

Top & Bottom Together


Top Lash 


Medium line

Bottom Lash 


Medium line

Top & Bottom Together


Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Treatment

Standard 6-8 week top up included

£50.00 for slightly thicker enhancement

Upper & Lower Lash Enhancement/Eyeliner

Small dots are strategically placed in between the lashes creating a fine line along the lash line on both upper and lower eyelids.  This gives the appearance of fuller eyelashes and helps to open up the eyes.  This treatment involves tattooing a light black line of pigment across the lash line, think of it as a light permanent eyeliner but with a more natural finish

Upper Lash Enhancement/Eyeliner

The upper lash enhancement is the same as upper & lower lash enhancement, but this just focuses on the upper lash line.

Lower Lash Enhancement/Eyeliner

The lower lash enhancement is the same as upper & lower lash enhancement but just focuses on the bottom lash line.

Note: False Eyelash, Extensions and Contact lenses must be removed before coming for the treatment.

I would also advise to throw your old mascara away as this is a breeding ground for infection.

On booking a non-refundable £25 deposit is required to secure your appointment. This will be taken off the total treatment price. All prices are inclusive of VAT and are subject to change without written notice.

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